Vocal Performance Workshop

Teacher: Dori Levine

This workshop is designed for singers and vocal students who would like to strenghten performance skills.  

Areas of focus include (but are not limited to):
Building Confidence
Coping with Performance Anxiety
Microphone Technique
How to Warm-up, mind, body & voice
Communicating with the Accompanist     
 – terminology    
 – counting out tempos   
 – intros, endings     
 – creating basic arrangements
Singing “the story” of the song
The Importance of Clear Lead Sheets in YOUR keys; choosing YOUR tunes, reaching the Audience/Stage Presence

Depending on time structure and other circumstances this workshop can culminate with an actual performance.

For Whom is this Workshop Appropriate? The participants of this workshop can be anywhere from advanced beginners who have some experience either with performing or have had some voice lessons to working professionals. Singers who have not performed but feel that they are able to sing with accompaniment and want to try performing Experienced singers at any  level who want to improve upon or expand their performance skills or ease on the stage.

I have produced concerts of my students in New York City venues. The experience often proves to be life-changing, extremely rewarding and memorable.