Vocal Improvisation Workshop

Teacher: Dori Levin

This workshop focuses on the art of Vocal Improvisation.  It includes exercises that explore different facets of free improvisation (with no predetermined structure) as well as improvising over chord changes as well as in the context of singing a lyric.  It gives the participants improvisational vocabulary while encouraging them to explore their instrument and discover their their own “language”.  The workshop includes my powerfully freeing “body, breath, voice warm-up” along with vocal exercises specifically designed to open the voice as a spontaneous improvisational instrument.  Some traditional along with facinating extended vocal techniques will be explored.  Logical left-brain thinking will be discouraged in favor of a more expansive, intuitive right-brain approach.

For Whom is This Workshop Appropriate?
This workshop is appropriate for singers who feel “boxed in” and want to expand upon their musical vocabulary and/or open their voices in order to use them more expressively. This workshop can also be geared for non-singers or inexperienced singers. Great for dancers, actors and anyone in the performing arts.