Traditional Piano Lessons

Teacher: Giacomo Franci

Beginners through Advanced. All ages.

Traditional teaching with the reading of the main two clefs (Bass and Treble), Music Theory, immediate approach to the keyboard, immediate exercise that develop the presence of your fingers in the keyboard as well as the strength and speed of your fingers.

Start to play your favorite music from the very first lesson!

Learning Piano includes: hear training , sight reading , music harmony, improvisational skills, knowledge of music history, counterpoint, technical mastery, (note by note passage at every speed, octaves, double thirds, trills, arpeggios, scales, and so on ….)

Technical mastery is not limited to the above:

Mastery of Touch – how to approach the keyboard for a legato, articolato touch, semi-legato. Mastery of Phrasing – The Music Phrase is different depending on the composer and the period when the music was composed.

I have complete command of knowledge from Bach to Broadway songs.