I recently begun taking vocal lessons with Dori Levine and have found an amazing transformation in my vocal ability as well as confidence.  Dori has taught me extremely helpful exercises to facilitate intonation, pitch, and breath control.  She is wonderful to work with and I give her my highest recommendation!

– BRAD HAMMONDS, Professional musician/singer-song-writer/guitarist

“Dori has taken my voice to places I’d never thought possible.  She truly understands the artist within. Dori has shown me the thrill of being a singer, and how it serves to heal the soul. I feel very lucky! She is my guardian angel!”

– ADRIANA RIASCOS, Professional Singer

The minute I met her I knew that I had found the right person.  Her persona is not only that of a teacher, but also of a friend.  I am a singer, who has been singing for a long time but still have issues with not totally believing in my talent. Dori not only teaches you how to sing better technically, which she does brilliantly I might add, but she also helps you to free yourself from all that’s holding you back.
She is the bravest singer I have ever met,  singing notes with fearless abandonment. She has definitely helped me to be a more courageous singer. Thanks Dori!!

– LINDA PINO, Professional singer

“I came to Dori with 11 years of piano playing experience, and absolutely no singing experience. I was cautiously optimistic to say the least. But she embraced my prior musical background and made it an integral part of my training. She got me to not only understand my voice, but extend what was a limited range – not through any tricks or shortcuts, but with valuable technique that continues to make me a better singer as time goes by.”

– JAMES ROGALA, Pianist/singer

Dori has been great! She helped me explore the strengths and weaknesses of my voice and gave me the proper tools to further grow my love for Jazz. Dori is a very personable teacher and will make sure she knows exactly what you want and where you would like to go before the actual lessons start. Together you create a proper ‘singing-plan’ which helps you to grow and mature your voice. And before giving your own identity to a song, Dori will make sure you know it by heart as it is originally meant…

Singing lessons with Dori has been an amazing experience which I can recommend to anyone…!!

– ALDO DE PAPE, Vocal Student

Thanks for the amazing lesson. You definitely approach the work with a strong healing presence and awareness, and that makes all the difference!

– CHIARA VISCOMI, Vocal Student

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