Teacher: Dori Levine

Why settle for good when great exists? Hey…there’s a lot of competition out there. Have you spent more time studying guitar or another instrument than studying voice?

Do you take your voice for granted? (whatever comes out is sort of…well, ok)

Have you ever noticed your posture or breathing when you sing? Are you working against yourself? Are your lyrics audible? How’s your storytelling ability?

Where are those notes…really? Are you executing the melody clearly?

How’s your mic technique?

Are you singing with your whole self?

Do any of these questions hit home with you? I am a vocal coach for over 17 years and have worked with countless singer/songwriter/instrumentalists.

I TRULY COACH FOR GREATNESS & I GET RESULTS! If you have a recording or performance coming up it’s a really good idea to invest in some coaching before you spend $’s in the studio and/or invite everyone you know to come and hear you perform.