My Approach

Teacher: Dori Levine

Through 17 years of teaching I have developed my own approach to the art of teaching singing. I continue to be pleased by the DRAMATIC RESULTS that I get, often within the first session. I specialize in a “voice as an instrument” approach. That is to say, you learn to play your instrument (voice) as an instrumentalist learns to play theirs. This includes exploring the range, sound, textures & nuances of your voice along with developing STRONG TECHNIQUE and musicianship.

I have created my own BODY, BREATH, VOICE, WARM-UP as I see these three elements as inseparable. The warm-up encourages relaxation, effortless vocalizing, a positive singing stance, whole-body breathing and brings an awareness of “you” as your instrument.

I work with developing MUSICIANSHIP SKILLS and EAR TRAINING which are also tremendous CONFIDENCE builders, so necessary for singers.I have developed tools for OPENING YOUR VOICE so that you can utilize your vocal instrument to its POTENTIAL with all of its colors,range and power.

My teaching method combines traditional exercises that focus on specific skills such as strength, flexibility, intonation, range and breath support with exercises to free the voice. We will explore vocal possibilities in search of your own personal sound and style. I encourage expressing your own originality. We’ll find what is special about you and expand upon it.Teaching voice is a vast subject. For some students a few lessons are enough as the first handful of lessons are especially powerful. For other students who prefer to go more deeply the work can continue for years. It’s up to you as to how many lessons you take. Lessons and vocal exercises are personalized according to your needs.