“Maestro Giacomo Franci is a wonderful piano teacher. He combines a relaxed learning atmosphere with the highest levels of musical proficiency – a difficult combination to achieve and balance. I was a complete beginner with very little musical aptitude and have made  tremendous and consistent progress over the past 12 months. It is truly  an honor to learn from such an Internationally acclaimed virtuoso. I highly recommend Maestro Giacomo Franci.”

– GARIN TOREN, Piano Student

“Giacomo Franci is a Maestro of great artistic integrity and constructive insight. Not only is he passionate about his music, he is passionate about the collaborative musical process. In our sessions together, his musical sensitivity and discriminating ear were a tremendous boon both to the work I was doing on specific pieces and to my overall development as a vocal artist. The Maestro clearly enjoys teaching and coaching. His upbeat nature and enthusiasm in the rehearsal room are contagious and create an atmosphere charged with creative possibility. More than a wonderful musician; Maestro Giacomo Franci is a wonderful musician to work with.”

– BRYN JIMENEZ, Professional  Soprano

I have been Mr. Franci’s student for about last 3 years. It has been a very enlightening experience for me, especially since i had never learnt piano in my life before. Mr. Franci teaches with a zest, and a focused objective to see his students grow. He constantly pushes hard and at the same time maintains balance – since there have been many weeks when my full time job has made it difficult to devote enough hours for piano practice, during which he has been extremely understanding and flexible. I am pretty sure that any student who practices regularly under his protege will certainly excel in piano  playing. I wish him very best in his professional endeavors.


Giacomo is an artist and teacher of immense talent with a clear passionfor music. His technical mastery, range of styles and musical interpretations are impressive and inspiring. This coupled with a patient and thoughtful approach to teaching, makes for a great learning experience. I look forward to my renewed passion for music under his guidance for some time to come.


I have 1 year taking piano lessons with Giacomo Franci. I had no experience in playing the piano. I had very little confidence. Giacomo has helped me build my confidence level and my knowledge. He is a very talented individual with a great passion for music. He has helped me understand the piano better. Giacomo has the skills and knowledge inaccomplishing any students or musicians goals. If you don’t know or know to play the piano; the truth is that you will come out playing a lot better than before with the teachings of Maestro Giacomo.

– JASSEN CABRERA, Current Student

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