Quick Warm-up for Your Breath Support

Say that you are backstage before a performance and you can only do one thing to warm-up…do this…

Simply hang forward from your waist with your knees slightly bent and breathe.Let yourself drop down a little further with each exhalation. Not only does this wake up your band of breath support muscles that wrap around your back and sides, it encourages relaxation and aligns your spine…all good!

Dori’s Vocal Tips – Be a REAL Singer!

If you want to go from a wannabe singer and start feeling like a “real” singer, SING EVERY DAY! Become obsessed, listen to other singers,  instrumentalists, songwriters, go hear live music. Start keeping a journal of your practice time and everything about your musical life.  If you do a bunch of these things, YOU WILL BE LIVING It and IT WILL BE YOUR LIFE!

Dori Levine’s Vocal Tips

Singers, open your mouths!  This might seem like an obvious one, but often I find that my students are singing with out truly opening their mouths especially on certain vowels.  If you don’t open your mouth wide enough when you sing your voice may get stuck in your face, so not only will you not be releasing your true sound but you can end up sounding nasal.

Unleash Your Inner Singer! Vocal Improv Workshop, Freeing & Fun!

I’m happy to announce the next Vocal Improv. Workshop…

Friday, November 1st   7:00-8:30 pm 

at Tribeca Music Studio

340A Greenwich St. NYC 10013

(will send detailed directions, if you need them)

Come and release your inner singer & unleash your creativity!!!

Workshop Includes:

Powerful  “body, breath, voice warm-up” which encourages relaxation and brings awareness of your voice as the instrument that it is.

Vocal exercises specifically designed to open the voice as a spontaneous improvisational instrument.

Experimenting with vocabulary, rhythm, textures, sounds, vocal percussion and look for places we’ve never gone before

Exploring traditional as well as extended vocal techniques (big fun!!)

Searching for your own personal language

Exercises & ensemble pieces that explore different facets of free improvisation as well as improvising over chord changes & rhythms.

Logical left-brain thinking will be discouraged in favor of a more expansive, intuitive right-brain approach.

For Whom is This Workshop Appropriate?

This workshop is appropriate for singers who feel “boxed in” and want to expand upon their musical vocabulary or open their voices in order to use them more expressively. It is also appropriate non-singers and instrumentalists  or inexperienced singers who would like to get more comfortable using their voices. Great for dancers, actors and anyone in the performing arts and last but not least, folks who sit in front of computers all day and need to switch gears.

No experience necessary, just an adventurous spirit!

These workshops are always rockin’ and a lot of fun!! The atmosphere is encouraging and nurturing.

Here’s what one of my students said about it:

We played with Jazzy Rhythms and Beats and took turns using our voices as instruments to create a wonderful  acappella Ensemble. By the end of the day, Dori was able to bring out the strengths in each of our voices and had us feeling comfortable enough to perform individually in front of each other and then collectively as a group. I highly recommend this workshop for singers of any level. You may go in already sounding good but you’ll come out with a new vocabulary of all the dynamic things you never imagined your voice could do. – Jeannie F.

$25  at the door, space permitting$20 in advance, please reserve by paying through PayPal.https://www.paypal.comMy PayPal email is:dorilevine50@gmail.com 

You should be able to submit a payment with this info.  Let me know if you have any problem.
Private lessons are also available:) Please inquire about conveniently priced prepaid packages. Please feel free to forward this email to anyone who you think might benefit from this work.

Dori Levine’s Vocal Tips

To find a singing stance that is conducive to ease of vocal production try this…

Lift both arms above your head.  Feel your rib cage lift off your diaphragm and your torso get taller and feel more open.  Drop your arms but leave your torso in the same position and adjust to have it feel comfortable.

Open your voice, your creativity!

There are different routes to opening your voice.  As a voice teacher and coach for more than 20 years I have gathered many tools in my toolbox.   I often combine traditional vocal exercises with improvisation.  This is something that many other teachers do not offer, as most have been trained classically. I’m trained as a Jazz improviser which sheds new light on using your voice as the instrument that it is and tapping into your creative energy and letting it flow!  This is great for songwriters as well and any singer who wants to make a song his or her own.

Memorizing Lyrics – 4 Steps

1. Write them by hand while listening to a recording of them.  Do this several times.

2. Read what you wrote.  What is the story of the song? What is the chronology of events in the song? Where’s the poetry? How does it relate to your life?

3. Speak the lyric, slowly with breath support and feeling. Embrace each word.

4. Now…you’re ready to sing it!

How’s your breathing?

If you’re getting a rise in your shoulders when you breathe, you could be working against yourself. That’s not the way to build a healthy foundation of breath support. You could be shoving your voice into your throat. You can hurt yourself! Find out about breath support, so necessary for singers!